Suzuki Lab


Ken Suzuki, MD, PhD is a clinical academic in the field of cardiac surgery trained in both Japan and UK.


Suzuki’s research primarily aims to develop new therapies to mend broken heart. As heart failure remains a leading cause of death and disability, his research is extremely important in science, clinics, economy and society. Currently his major interest is how to use stem cells for the treatment of heart failure patients.


Suzuki’s multidisciplinary team intends to choose the most effective stem cell type and develop the most efficient delivery method to the heart with the ultimate aim of successful establishment of stem cell therapy as a standard treatment. Multiple innovative approaches developed from his study are about to be used for the patient treatment.

Prof. Ken Suzuki

Group Leader & Deputy Head of the CMR


Joana Mateu (Centre Administrator)

John Vane Science Centre

Queen Mary University of London

London, United Kingdom

With thanks to our funders, the William Harvey Research Institute and Queen Mary University of London