Nightingale Lab


Research in my lab centres on the biology of the cells that line blood vessels (endothelial cells). These have important roles during injury and inflammation, helping to mediate the recruitment of white blood cells and to promote the process of blood clotting. 

We are particularly interested in the way in which key proteins are regulated by being moved intracellularly, this is used as a means to control dynamic changes in endothelial function, secretion etc. We monitor this using live cell imaging, electron microscopy, molecular biology and proximity labelling proteomics. 

By defining some of the molecular pathways required we aim to identify new ways to control inflammation and blood clotting. 

Tom Nightingale

Group Leader


Joana Mateu (Centre Administrator)

John Vane Science Centre

Queen Mary University of London

London, United Kingdom

With thanks to our funders, the William Harvey Research Institute and Queen Mary University of London