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Neutrophils are a type of white blood cell essential for the establishment of an adequate innate immune response against invading pathogens but they also contribute to the development of many acute and chronic inflammatory diseases such as heart attack or rheumatoid athritis, respectively.

There is also evidence for neutrophil involvement in the regulation of the adaptive immunity, the second and specific arm of immune response; however, the precise role of neutrophils in those autoimmune disorders is still unclear. 

The focus of my research is to elucidate the mechanisms of neutrophil interactions with lymphatic vessels, migration into lymphoid organs (where adaptive immunity is initiated) and their role in the regulation of the acquired immunity in those acute and chronic pathologies. 



Dr. Mathieu-Benoit Voisin

Group Leader

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I am interested in immune cell biology, particularly how immune cells are capable of performing such wide ranging functions and adapting to different environments. I completed my PhD at the University of Sheffield investigating the existence of macrophage subtypes in Drosophila. I am currently exploring neutrophils and T-cell interactions in cardiovascular & inflammatory diseases. 

Outside of the lab I enjoy photography, a cocktail or four, and guitars, climbing and adrenaline fuelled adventures.

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Dr Jonathon Coates

Postdoctoral Researcher


I am interested in haematopoiesis and the bone marrow microenvironment. ACKR1 is an exciting molecule in this context, because it is expressed by erythroid cells that make up one third of the bone marrow cellularity.


I am interested in the immunological consequences of a single nucleotide polymorphism within the ACKR1 gene which is prevalent in African populations.


My research aims to understand the role of atypical chemokine receptors in the alteration of the immune system and subsequent impacts on tumour growth and progression.


Dr Julia Gutjahr

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr Caroline Anderson

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr Maryna Samus

Postdoctoral Researcher

My PhD is focused on investigating the expression and function of ACKR4 in the heart. My work aims to characterise localisation and cell type expression of ACKR4, as well as its effect on heart function and health.



Physician Surgeon (UNAM, Mexico); MSc. Regenerative Medicine (QMUL, London) 

Current research:

Exosomes and biomaterials for heart failure. Other interests: Immunology, 3D printing, patient specific implants & biofabrication.


Stefan Russo

PhD Student

Dr Esteban Ortega

PhD Student


I am a Cardiology SpR based at Barts Hospital and am currently undertaking a PhD investigating the efficacy of stem-cell therapy in patients with DCM.


Dr Mohsin Hussain

PhD Student


Dr Samantha Arokiasamy




Dr Christian Zakian

Maurizio Kazimierz-Parker


William Migo


Hidayah Boulaghrasse


Eleanor Peace


Muhammad Tahsin


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Voisin MB, Pröbstl D and Nourshargh S

You can see our full publication list here. If you cannot access any of our papers, please do contact us, we would be happy to share a copy.