Nourshargh Lab


Our work aims to unravel the cellular and molecular basis of several fundamental aspects of immunity, inflammation and vascular biology. Most notably we have made internationally rated contributions to the mechanisms through which white blood cells (in particular neutrophils) breach blood vessel walls to enter inflamed tissues.

Principal research objectives include:

  • Investigations into the molecular and cellular basis of white blood cell trafficking (in particular neutrophils) in response to inflammatory insults.

  • Exploring the interplay between vascular, tissue and immune cells that regulate vascular integrity and function.

  • Investigating the above fundamental concepts under physiological and pathological conditions and in response to ageing. 

The team employs a multidisciplinary approach in addressing its objectives and in particular applies advanced microscopy techniques (e.g. confocal intravital microscopy) to analyse white blood cell behaviours in relation to blood vessel walls.  

Group Leader & Head of the CMR


Joana Mateu (Centre Administrator)

John Vane Science Centre

Queen Mary University of London

London, United Kingdom

With thanks to our funders, the William Harvey Research Institute and Queen Mary University of London