Equipment overview


Upright confocal laser scanning microscopy

Leica SP5 and Leica SP8 microscopes

Our two Leica upright confocal laser scanning microscopes are equipped with a large stage area, water dipping lenses and optional high-speed resonant scanner to enable live tissue imaging applications in addition to standard fixed sample imaging. 

The Leica SP8 is ideal when working with challenging fluorophores or more than four channels; it is equipped with hybrid detector technology to help capture weak signals and a white light super continuum laser for complete flexibility in excitation and detection settings. 


Both microscopes are charged at £25/hour for QMUL or external academic users.  


Dr Tom Nightingale / Dr Mathieu-Benoit Voisin

John Vane Science Centre

Queen Mary University of London

London, United Kingdom

With thanks to our funders, the William Harvey Research Institute and Queen Mary University of London