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Dubey Lab


Research in my lab centers on the biology of the lymph node stromal cells. We primarily focus on bridging the lymphoid stromal biology to global health problems arising due to soil, water and foodborne infections.


We are particularly interested in the way in which B cells and T cells imprint phenotypic and functional changes within the mesenteric lymph node (mLN) stromal subsets and vice versa. We would like to understand the dynamic equilibrium regulated by stromal cells and white blood cells and it’s the mutualistic efforts that govern the protective or detrimental immune outcome.


Our understanding of microbial impacts on function of these cells will therefore serve not only to increase the basic knowledge of tissue dynamics but may additionally have far reaching implications for the prevention of diverse inflammatory/infectious diseases.

Updated: 1/2/2021



Lalit Dubey

Group Leader

We are currently looking for a Postdoctoral fellow to join our team. The position requires a Ph.D. in the biological sciences (mucosal immunology, cell biology, cancer biology or related discipline) with strong background in conducting mouse experiments and multiplex flow cytometry, single-cell RNA sequencing, histological techniques and quantitative imaging. Candidates must have received or expect to have received the PhD or MD/PhD in 2020-2021 are encouraged to apply. Previous experience in intestinal helminth infections models, advanced imaging approaches (Confocal and Light sheet microscopy), host-pathogen interaction, B cell biology, Type-2 immunity would be an advantage. The postdoctoral fellow will gain research experience in the areas of stromal biology, tissue microenvironment and mucosal immunology and his/her research findings will be published in high impact journals, along with opportunities to present work at national and international meetings. Anticipated start date can be agreed upon. Salary will be competitive and commensurate with experience and qualifications. We are seeking an independent and motivated individual with excellent organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills (both verbal and written). Interested candidates should submit a cover letter with career goals, CV, and the email address/phone number of three references to Dr. Lalit Dubey at


Postdoctoral fellows: please send your CV and a statement of why you are interested in joining our lab to


We are actively looking for MSc research students who are passionate about improving the mechanistic understanding of stromal cells organization and function in health and disease, including autoimmune disease, cardiovascular biology, cancer and infectious disease.


Undergraduates: please send a brief description of previous research experience and a motivation letter to

Updated: 1/2/2021

My PhD is focusing on protein trafficking in the endothelium, and the consequences it can have on vascular function. Proteins of particular interest are JAM-C and NRP1.

Tom Mitchell_edited.jpg

Tom Mitchell

PhD Student



Dr Sammy El Mansi

Postdoctoral Researcher

I am interested in the immunological consequences of a single nucleotide polymorphism within the ACKR1 gene which is prevalent in African populations.

Dr Caroline Anderson

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr Maryna Samus

Postdoctoral Researcher


My research aims to understand the role of atypical chemokine receptors in the alteration of the immune system and subsequent impacts on tumour growth and progression.


My PhD is focused on investigating the expression and function of ACKR4 in the heart. My work aims to characterise localisation and cell type expression of ACKR4, as well as its effect on heart function and health.


Stefan Russo

PhD Student


Physician Surgeon (UNAM, Mexico); MSc. Regenerative Medicine (QMUL, London) 

Current research:

Exosomes and biomaterials for heart failure. Other interests: Immunology, 3D printing, patient specific implants & biofabrication.


Dr Esteban Ortega

PhD Student

I am a Cardiology SpR based at Barts Hospital and am currently undertaking a PhD investigating the efficacy of stem-cell therapy in patients with DCM.


Dr Mohsin Hussain

PhD Student


Fields of research interest:

Tissue engineering, stem cell therapy



Biomaterials design for epicardial placement of mesenchymal stem cells for the treatment of myocardial infarction 

Yaqi You.jpg

Yaqi You

PhD Student

Graduate of The University of Aberdeen (BSc Sport & Exercise Science) and Queen Mary University of London (MRes Inflammation) with an interest in the role of M2-like macrophages in cardiac repair after myocardial infarction.



Mihai Podaru

PhD Student


IL-4Rα-Expressing B cells Are Required for CXCL13 Production by Fibroblastic Reticular Cells

Cell Rep., 2019 (27;2442-2458)

Dubey LK, Ludewig B, Luther SA and Harris NL

Interactions between fibrobastic reticular cells and B cells Promote mesenteric lymph node lymphangiogenesis

Nat Commun., 2017 (8;367)

Dubey LK, Karempudi P, Luther SA, Ludewig B and Harris NL

Lymphotoxin-Dependent B cell-FRC Crosstalk Promotes De Novo Follicle Formation and Antibody Production following Intestinal Helminth Infection

Cell Rep., 2016 (15;1527-1541)

Dubey LK, Lebon L, Mosconi I, Yang CY, Scandella E, Ludewig B, Luther SA and Harris NL

You can see our full publication list here. If you cannot access any of our papers, please do contact us, we would be happy to share a copy.






The Dubey group has just been established and will be recruiting soon

Updated: 01/02/2021




Fibroblastic Reticular Cells (FRCs) structure and function: Looking beyond the lymph node


Making new contacts: the lymphatics network meets lymphocytes during intestinal helminth infection


Antibody-dependent functions of B cells: a focus on mesenteric lymph node stromal cell-B cell interaction



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