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The CMR Advanced Bio-Imaging Facility provides state-of-the-art optical imaging tools to support scientific research within and beyond QMUL. The facility, based at Queen Mary University of London's Charterhouse Square campus, has grown from expertise and infrastructure acquired by the CMR research groups to become an open-access facility with a dedicated facility manager. We can help researchers from any field who require light microscopy, providing assistance in experimental design, microscopy training and image analysis support. 

The facility was established through generous funds from the Wellcome Trust, the British Heart Foundation, Barts Charity and QMUL.



Sussan Nourshargh is head of the Centre for Microvascular Research and leads internationally rated research in the field leukocyte migration. Her team has widely acknowledged expertise in optical microscopy, in particular confocal intravital imaging, having developed novel imaging strategies to track leukocyte behaviour in situ. 

Mathieu-Benoit Voisin is a group leader and expert in intravital microscopy techniques. He employs live tissue confocal and multiphoton approaches, among others, to understand the mechanisms of neutrophil interactions with lymphatic vessels, their migration into lymphoid organs and their role in the regulation of acquired immunity in acute and chronic pathologies. 

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Tom Nightingale is a lecturer in cell biology and research group leader in the field of endothelial cell biology. His group employ a range of techniques to understand the intracellular trafficking of proteins regulating key endotheiial functions within inflammation and blood clotting. In studying these dynamic intracellular mechanisms, his group push the limits of resolution and live cell imaging capability.

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Prof. Sussan Nourshargh

Academic Lead

Dr Mathieu-Benoit Voisin

Advisory Committee

Dr Tom Nightingale

Advisory Committee


Details of the equipment available and pricing can be found on our equipment pages. These resources are available to internal or external researchers alike, supporting both academic and industrial applications. If you have an imaging project that may benefit from access to our facility, please contact Tom Nightingale or Mathieu-Benoit Voisin to discuss. 

We support a flexible access model adapted to the project needs, including full one-to-one training for novice microscopists, advanced application training, assisted 'taster' sessions and full service acquisitions.

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